Project 1


Aral-Fernandinea's Project (older : estuaries' project)

The group proposes to spread its activities to two different domains. It's easier to study and take pictures of two different regions due to the climatic conditions. The bad weather in a region doesn't prevent from studying of the second.
The first subject is to study the evolution of Aral Sea on a tiny region. The second concerns a swallowed island (Ferdinandea) in the Mediterranea Sea. Under six meters of water, off Sicilia, this tiny territory is about to go up surface. Different measures (barymetry and temperature) especially at sismic level. The last eruption of Etna is certainely not uninvolved in this phenomenon.

Group proposes about Aral :
- To make a sumarize about this ecology drame on its website
- To use older satellite picture and to compare them with PROBA's pictures taken by CHRIS.
- Coordonated : 46°N 60°E

Group proposes about Ferdinandea :
- To make a synthesis about volcano (history) and its evolution.
- To use older satellite pictures and tocompare them with pictures taken by CHRIS and HRC on board of PROBA. It will spot the going up of the island. With a bit of "luck" we'll see the birth of a new volcano.
- Coordonated : 37°11' N 12°44'E




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