The PROBA satellite was launched woth succes from the Shriharikota base. According to the latest news, the satellite will me in use starting at the end of April. In fact tests in orbit are, for the moment, connected aswell as the access way to data wich is under construction. We recommend that you inscribe to our mailing-list in order to be informed when we obtain our first results.

Here are the first pictures taken by PROBA satellite.


Bruges - Coast of Cuba

Harbour (CHRIS) - Las Vegas (CHRIS) - Shelde + Rupel (CHRIS)

Toms River (HRC) - Shriharikota (CHRIS) - Ahmad al Jabar (CHRIS)

Alice Spring (HRC) - Santorini (HRC) - Sidney (HRC)

Brooklyn I (CHRIS) - Brooklyn II (CHRIS)

Albuquerque I (HRC) - Albuquerque II (HRC) - Denver (HRC)

New Yrok I (HRC) - New-York II (HRC) - Mecca (HRC)

Mauna Kea Volcano (CHRIS sequence I, II, III)

New York (CHRIS sequence I, II, III)

New York (CHRIS sequence IV, V) - Quito (CHRIS sequence I)

Quito (CHRIS sequencec II, III, IV)

Quito (CHRIS sequence V) - Quito (CHRIS) - Adelaïde (CHRIS)

Albuquerque (CHRIS) - Anvers (CHRIS) - Ardennes (CHRIS)

Dallas (CHRIS) - El Centre (CHRIS) - Hoover Dam (CHRIS)

Karachi (CHRIS) - Konakri (CHRIS) - Kuwait City (CHRIS)

Long Beach (CHRIS) - Nevada (CHRIS) - New Dehli (CHRIS)

Panama Canal (CHRIS) - Salt Lake City (CHRIS) - San Francisco (CHRIS)

Montpellier (CHRIS) - Hi Chi Minh City (CHRIS) - Albuquerque (CHRIS)

Anvers (CHRIS) - Buenos Aires (CHRIS) - Calcutta (CHRIS)

Fez (CHRIS) - Mecca (CHRIS) - New Delhi (CHRIS)

Redu (CHRIS) - Tripoli (CHRIS - Uganda (CHRIS)

Etna -octobre 2002- (CHRIS)

Wellington (HRC) - San Francisco (HRC) - Pekin (HRC)

Vienne (HRC)

Image acquired by ESA and processsed by VDDy




Translated by Julia Malette
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