Mr Bernard Sougnez :
- sponsor of the project
- proposed the micrometeorite project
contact :

Micrometeorite Group.

Dhyne Miguël : he has been a member of the Floreffe Espace group since the very begining, since he's the one who first found out about the Space Connection competition and found the teacher (Mr Sougnez). Miguël is also the site's Webmaster. He has participated in Science Exhibitions and all of the group's undertaking. He makes up an important part of micrometeorites group.
contact :

Marie-Laurence Flahaux : she is the responsible for the micrometeorites group, but has also coordinated everything that has to do with the Science Exhibitions that have taken place at Brussel and Grenoble in 2001. She has equally participated in all of the group's "adventures" and voluntarily talks with the press about it.
contact :

Julie Petitjean : she is the responsible for the archives aswell as taking car of getting sponsors and investing her time in the project.

Damien Foguenne : he explained the project at Brussel Science Exhibition.

Amandine Mélan : she works on all articles and letters to the autorities.

Nicolas Sougnez : he is the micrometeorites' specialist and informs people about Verheart society.

Christophe Roba : he has created a small program for handling the satellite.

Thibault Douillet : he has parrticipated a lot with GMES experiments and also works with the froncaphone press.


Estuary Group

Alexandre della Faille : he is incharge of the sand bank evolution process. He also spoke for the group during the GMES congress.

Joaquim Hernadez : he created fews pictures.

Olivier Snyers : he is incharge of local affairs dealing with our meetings. (he is one of the newest members and hasn't had as much change to get involved yet).

And also : Javier Giovannini, Benjamin Ferracin, Michaël Minet, Mike Lauwaert, Céline André and Thibault André.




Translated by Julia Malette
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