Euro Space Center.

After being selected as the winners of the competition, we were invited to a theorical introduction to the satellite and we took part in an astronaut training of 3 days and 2 nights.

Here is the famous shuttle of the Euro Space Center :

Much Time was dedicated to theory byt anyway... It's impossible to use a satellite without knowing anything about it ! But, as a matter of fact, we specially enjoyed the "recreation" time, i.e. the practical training of astronaut. Here are a few examples :

Simulating a flight in space :

On board two simulators (one wich is a dynamic one), the trainees take part in a flight in the spacec shuttle, from less than 9 minutes on in the coutdown. Now it's op to you to succeed in your launching, Roger : Ready ? ;-)

The multi-axes chair :

On this multi-axes chair, the trainees stand upside down, once to the left, once to the right. This chair was designed to train astrtonauts to concentrate in spite of the desorientation due to weightlessness.

The moonwalk ou 1/6 chair :

The device was used by the 12 astronauts on their flight to the moon, si as to be able to move and manipulate things more easily on our satellite. You must know that on the moon, our mass is divided by six : this is due to it's gravity, that is six times less than that of the Earth.

The rotating chair :

This chair is designed to detect any failure in the organ of balance (in the inner ear) of the astronauts. It is also they could be submitted to in space.

The white hall and the assembling of a satellite.

For about one hour, the trainees will endorse the part of an engineer : they will have to build a satellite (man-made, of course) and to this effect, they'll have to get organized and to share in a team spirit;

Other activities are set up at the Euro Space Center.......

We were lucky enough as to discuses with the Verheart team for a 3 or 4 hours. We could ask them questions and so discover more about our "mission". Thanks to the whole team of Verheart :

Our visit to the ground station in Redu

This visit was quite an exception : we had this privelege because we had taken pzrt in the competition. Actually, the ground center in Redu is not open to the public. We won't make any comment. Here a few pictures :

Here is the "end of the trip" : a picture of our group before leaving the centre. (but we'll surely go agin !).

Thanks to Pierre Emmanuel, Dominique, Nathalie, Sabine, ... and all the others who offered is this week : it wasn't only marvelous but also full of extraordinary discoveries.





Translated from french by Anne-Marie Ancion
Hosted by Astropof inc.