We could broadcast on RTBF (French-speaking Belgian Radio and Television) for about one hour.

It was an anguishing experience but it was also a great pleasure to be in a radio studio (wich had never been the case for us before).

Please, note that this sequence is to be broadcast again during the second half of August (the one entitlef : "Face à l'Info"). We don't know yet the exact date. So, if you are interested, please, check the radio programmes.

(Dhyne Miguel, Melan Amandine, Sougnez Nicolas, Bernard Sougnez (our promoter), Foguenne Damien, Al. Wajnberg (journalist), Roba Christophe, Flahaux Marie-Laurencee) - unlucky Petitjean Julie was absent at that time ;-(

This is just when we arrive at the studio : here we are, anxious and with a lot of questions on our minds !

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Translated from french by Anne-Marie Ancion
Hosted by Astropof inc.