International Sciences Exhibition in Grenoble - 2001.

Because of our success in the Expo-Sciences in Brussels 2001, we were invited to the International Sciences Exhibition (Expo-Sciences) scheduled this year 2001 in Grenoble (France).

Only four of us could participate since there was no other places available.

On July 8, we took a bus from Brussels to Grenoble. We were about 10 or 12 hours to the road but it was worth it. In Grenoble, more than 1.400 young people from all over the World had come together (they came from Belgium, France, Mexico, China, Slovakia, the Czen Republic, Cameroon, Argentine, ...), wich was an opportunity for many exchanges, as far as languages ans cultures are concerned.

In the morning, we could visit a few museums, have a bath in a splendid lake (there must be a warm spring of water in it because the water temperature was 27°C. When that of the air was 22°C), go round the city of Grenoble and have a look at its Bastille (= fortress).

Our bathing area.

A view on Grenoble, from the Bastille

The Museum for Hydroelectrtic POwer (one of museum-visit) :

The afternoons were dedicated to our projets : we had to explain them to a French public (sometimes to foreigners as well). The most difficult problem was to give explanations on the project both in French and in English (sometimes simultaneous!).

Here is our stand. It looks great, doesn't it ?

The evenings were also filled with activities. At first, we had to imagine a way to put Belgium on stage (No comment), the following evenings, we took part with the other young people in many parties set up by the ISE.

Here are pictures of the Belgian group about to start its famous show with Belgium on stage :

Our stay (one week) has already come to an end. Here are some pictures of the really nicee people we met here, with the hope to keep in touch with them as long as possible :

During our walk in the mountain, we got acquainted with many people (on the picture, you see our companions of the day we spent discovering the Rhone-Alps area).

So, if you ever have other pictures (numerical or not) of the International Sciences Exhibition, it would be very kind of you to let us know. Even if you don't want them to be edited on this site, we'd be happy to see them anyway. If you've got a site, don't hesitate : give us your address and get registered amon,g our links !




Translated from french by Anne-Marie Ancion
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